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Block Management

Our Block Management services:

Why Employ A Block Manager To Look After Your Flats?

In many cases the responsibility for the upkeep and administration of a Residential Block is left to the residents who, through no fault of their own, may have little experience in property management or the complexities related to the running of a Limited Company. A competent Block Manager can take care of these responsibilities and ensure professionalism and integrity. Nicholas George Ltd offer a complete Block Management service, which takes care of the day to day management of blocks of all sizes.

How Much Will It Cost?

All Residential Blocks are individual and have different specific requirements. We would be pleased to attend and assess your Block, meet the property owners if required, and detail our services, giving a brief appraisal of the building’s requirements as well as a budget. This can all be undertaken without any obligation or up-front cost.

How Can I Switch From My Current Block Manager If I Have One?

The process of switching Block Manager will vary depending on the your Block and the way Block Management is detailed in your Lease documentation. We may ask you for a copy of your lease in order to advise you on the process and will be happy to guide and help you every step of the way.

Why Nicholas George Ltd?

We have received numerous amounts of feedback over the years from people dissatisfied with their current Block Managers, who generally seem to be larger, faceless firms. Comments have related generally to poor service, poor condition of the Block’s communal areas, bad communication and unjustified & unreasonable charges. Nicholas George Ltd are a smaller, truly independent, family-run firm. Our approach to Block Management is different – we take a more personal and professional approach and aim to develop positive relationships with property owners, who will have their own designated point of contact.

Our comprehensive Management package briefly includes:

  • Overseeing the maintenance of the Development, gardening, window cleaning etc
  • Collecting the Service Charge and dealing with arrears if necessary
  • Paying Contractors accounts and any professional advisors such as Accountants etc
  • Maintaining proper and detailed Accounts of all income and expenditure on our fully computerised accounting system
  • Liaising with Accountants and ensuring that all statutory liabilities as a Management Company are fulfilled
  • Dealing with Insurance claims on the Buildings Insurance Policy on behalf of the Management Company
  • Ensuring that a sinking fund is accumulated for future capital expenditure
  • Liaising with Solicitors in the transfer of ownership of a Flat
  • Drawing up annual budget statements and proposing the level of future Service Charge requirements in conjunction with your Management Committee
  • Attending Annual General Meetings and Directors Meetings as required
  • Dealing with general enquiries from Flat Owners


For any queries about our Residential Block Management services contact our office on 0121 442 2049 or email blockmanagement@nicholasgeorge.co.uk

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