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Managed Service

This service is for landlords who do not wish to deal with the day-to-day on-going management of their property. Simply hand over the keys to us and we will do the rest. Our aim is to maximise your rental income and to minimise any rental voids during the year. The managed service includes all the benefits of the let only service plus additional extras including the following:

Rent Collection & Arrears Control

Rent is paid to us each month by the tenant. We will subtract our fees, along with any costs on the property, and then pay the balance directly into your account by BACS transfer. You will also be emailed a statement every month detailing income and expenditure. Care in getting the right tenant from the start minimises problems down the line, consequently we do not have many rental arrears. However, in the event that arrears start to accumulate, we have a set procedure to recover them. Initially this involves phone calls, followed by letters, texts and home visits if required. We are very successful in minimising arrears, however, in the rare event payment issues remain unresolved, we can advise on further steps such as the appointment of solicitors, possession by court proceedings etc.

Regular Property Inspections

For our managed properties we usually carry out an initial inspection after approximately 6 weeks to check the tenant has moved in alright and is keeping the property nicely. Following this initial visit, we will generally schedule inspections approximately every 4 months throughout the duration of the tenancy. After each inspection you will receive a written report highlighting general condition and listing any problems noted.

Property Maintenance

We have an excellent team of experienced local contractors who are well equipped to deal with any property maintenance related issue. Most of our contractors have worked with us for many years. All are thoroughly vetted and are required to supply us with copies of their professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Any issues reported to us by tenants are dealt with swiftly and efficiently. We are happy to work with your preferences on property maintenance. For example, some landlords want to know about every little thing that goes wrong at their property, whilst others just want us to get on with it. Tell us what you prefer and we’ll go by your instructions. If you have your own contractors that you’d prefer us to use, that is also fine. Just give us their details and we will add them to our system.

Moving out Procedure

For our managed properties we also complete a full move out procedure. This involves meeting the tenant at the end of the tenancy and thoroughly checking the property. Any discrepancies with the original inventory or any substandard cleaning will be highlighted and dealt with accordingly from deposit. This can be the most unpleasant and difficult part of renting property and this is where our experience is invaluable.


For our managed properties we are delighted to help with any refurbishment, from small issues, to complete overhaul. Also, between tenancies, we will take instructions to undertake all levels of property improvement. As part of this service we will advise and liaise with you and, if required, will happily obtain quotes and instruct contractors on your behalf.

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