Selling in 2014?

There are signs that the housing market is starting to gather pace. Schemes like Help To Buy are meaning that more people are now able to get a footing on what has, in recent times, been a particularly slippery housing ladder. This, along with renewed optimism about the economy in general, is meaning that more first time buyers are entering the market. This means that there are buyers out there again for properties at the bottom of the chain, which in turn gets the whole market moving. Prices are responding and seem to be on the up.

So if you have been thinking about selling for a while, then 2014 might be the time to go for it. Traditionally the spring and early summer are the busiest times for selling. We are anticipating a busy period sales wise and are offering some very competitive fees. If you are thinking of selling, or are just curious as to what your property is worth, then give us a call or complete our property appraisal form and we will be happy to help.